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Gluten Free Products - Health Food Shoppe in Fort Wayne, IN
Health Food Shoppe of Ft Wayne in Fort Wayne caters to all your health and nutritional needs. Stop by and browse our diverse selection, or speak with one of our friendly staff members and let us help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Full-Service Grocery

We stock a full line of grocery items: cereals, soy and rice beverages, cookies, rice cakes, protein bars, canned fruit and vegetables, soup, crackers, honey, natural sweeteners, baking mixes, confections, cooking oils, side dish mixes, pasta, sauces, rice, beans, ethnic foods (Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Indian), condiments, salad dressings, natural juices, snack foods, natural sodas, bottled water, tea, fresh organic coffee beans, laundry supplies, paper goods, dairy-cheeses, non-dairy cheese substitutes, organic milk, soy beverages, eggs, yogurt.

Fresh Produce

You'll find fresh, organic produce at Health Food Shoppe of Ft Wayne every day. From leafy greens and vegetables to fresh fruits and berries, our produce is always ripe, delicious and well stocked. We try to source as much of our produce as we can locally, ensuring your purchase is good for you and the community.
Set of Fruits - Health Food Shoppe in Fort Wayne, IN
Frozen Foods and Desserts - Health Food Shoppe in Fort Wayne, IN

Frozen Foods and Desserts

Our Frozen Foods section is stocked with Pizza, entrees, wheat-free breads, tortilla shells, frozen desserts, organic vegetables and fruit, toaster waffles, natural and organic meats, juices, hot dogs, sea food, vegetarian entrees.

Health, Beauty and Personal Care

Visit the Health & Beauty section for Hair care, facial care, soaps, lip balm, color cosmetics, toothpaste, oral care, first aid, deodorant, feminine hygiene, aromatherapy oils and accessories, perfume oils, lotions, bath salts and gels.
Beauty Products - Health Food Shoppe in Fort Wayne, IN